Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 11 2013

Hello all. Here is my daily thoughts for April 11, 2013. I am STILL trying to get my physical therapy approved by my insurance company. The woman that I am dealing with there has not returned any of my phone calls. I am getting a little PO'd. Tomorrow my sister and I are going to my insurance company and we are going to stay there until we get some results. Has anyone else ever had problems when dealing with their insurance company? BTW, my foot is doing better but my leg still feels a little weak. That is why I need PT.
Well, the weekend is almost here and I have some reading to do. I am going to post a review of Silk Is For Seduction by Loretta Chase on here sometime on Saturday plus I am going to read Second Time's the Charm by Melissa Keir:

Here are a couple of todays comics:

Calvin and Hobbes

For Better Or Worse

Well, have a great night everyone!!

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